Chrome Bumpers is an event held by the South East Chrome Bumpers typically in Pakenham on the first Friday of the month. The event raises valuable funds for the Toomuc Fire Brigade, a member of the Country Fire Authority. Events are well attended, with BBQ's and even Coffee supplied by Float n Coffee. A big thanks to everyone who attended to support our fire brigade.

I was slightly under the weather, so could not stay the whole event, but on my way out I thought i would try and get a few 360 panorama images. Sadly because I was using my camera hand held, and had not quite tweaked the settings the images are not great, but you can pan around them to get an idea on what the event looked like, and even some of the cars there!


[pano file='' width=”100%” height=”600″]


If you have a mobile device, you can also access the link directly through this page, the cool thing is if you pan your Tablet / Phone it should move around in the pano. Apologies for the poor quality images:

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