Up close and personal is a series of various items as imaged in macro format or up close; it is about seeing near or at 1:1 detail. Generally, up close and personal is done by macro photography (Sigma 150mm Macro) and is more commonly captures of easier (e.g. still) things, however on some occasions, it may also include live items.

This is separate to my “Under the Microscope” series which is about seeing greater detail in objects through higher magnification, and typically involves the use of a microscope or other higher magnification devices.

This episode of Up Close and Personal focuses on Random Access Memory (RAM) which is a type of memory in your computer that allows data items to be both written and also read in a very quick amount of time as compared to other media types (e.g. magnetic HDD, CD's and so on).  A full description of RAM is outside of the realm of this article however the circuitary is fairly impressive!


Equipment / Software Used

Whenever I shoot images I normally use hardware and software which is designed in some way to make the tasks easier to complete (e.g. software to automatically stitch the images into a panorama). The software and hardware typically used normally includes the following;




As always, if you have something you are interested in seeing up close, why not let me know and maybe I can get it and image it at closer detail. As always I can be contacted on social media, or through the contact me part of this website.

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