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Cool things under the microscope: Epsom Salt

I love microscopy, I think there are so many cool things around in everyday life that seem fairly simple at first glance but when you get the opportunity to look at them in greater detail they just look so different to what you would typically expect.

Since I have now set up, I wanted to give myself a challenge to image different everyday objects under the microscope and see what they look like. Today's item was fairly simple Epsom Salt which is chemically known as Magnesium sulfate (MgSo4).

These images for the most part are taken by dark-field optical microscopy, and since the depth of field is so shallow in microscopy they typically consist of between 1 – 4 images each focused in a slightly different place being focus stacked into one image.

I hope you enjoy, and come back to see more cool everyday things under the microscope!



Everyday Epsom Salt at high magnifications.


Everyday Epsom Salt at high magnifications.

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