I have found myself in awe over the Gigapan Robot that is available from www.gigapan.com but because my budget is far smaller than the cost of that unit, I have decided to create my own. My skills with Arduino are fairly good, but there is a fantastic photographer called Xavier who has actually created his own robot which can be viewed on the following links:





Mine is very similar, using the same code from Xaviers, however where I have differed is that I am using Lazy Susan bearings for my pan and tilt mechanisms, and using Worm and Cog gears to handle the horizontal and vertical movement.  As time progesses I will post more of my images up on here, but for now the first image I have taken that is in the style of a gigapan image (e.g. multiple images stitched together) is available below:

Berwick Lookout at Night


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