DxO, the creators of PhotoLab and the updated Nik Collection have announced their update to DxO Photolab 4. This update is version 4.3.1 and brings the following changes:


New features
Key functions now have enhanced contextual information
When moving RAW files, PhotoLab now moves linked XMP files
Support for Nik Collection 4

Newly supported cameras
Leica TL2
Leica CL
Sony A1
Hasselblad X1D II 50C
Fuji GFX 100S

Bug fixes
ICC profiles are correctly applied in the main window
Errors related to disk space when updating the database have been corrected
Using the zoom with the repair tool no longer creates a report in the correction history
Zooming in combination with changing images works correctly
Minor bug fixes


I use DxO Photolab and must admin I love the integration with the Nik Collection in addition to the noise reduction. If you are interested in finding out more or giving the software a trial you can follow the links in this article or click here.

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