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Eastern Grey Kangaroo or Macropus giganteus

I visited Cardinia Reservoir Park on the way home from work to try and get some landscape shots and actually came across the Eastern Grey Kangaroo or Macropus giganteus, often at dusk the park is full of Kangaroo's and this trip was no exception however I was not expecting the little Joey in the Kangaroo's pouch. I was using a Nikon D5300 digital camera and a Tamron 150-600mm lens and because it was getting dark I decided to use Aperture priority with Auto-ISO which increases the sensitivity of the camera allowing a faster shutter speed.

The little joey was bouncing around like crazy so I tried to get a moving photo but sadly just missed focus which was a bit of a shame but it was still a great chance to get out and get some photos and practice my skills.


Kangeroo and Joey

Kangeroo and Joey

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