I do a little bit of tutorial work on the computer and have been slowly working on my sound quality. I started off with a very simple microphone and eventually worked up to a Blue Yeti.

Once I had the Blue Yeti, I wanted to improve the sound quality using some equalisation so installed VoiceMeter Banana on the computer in addition to Cantabalie with a range of VST plugins.

Whilst this worked, I found it a bit cumbersome to run the different programs all the time so wanted to see if I could find another alternative. This is where I came across Equaliser APO.

Equaliser APO is a slightly different program in that it is run as almost like a Windows Driver and puts itself between the Input (e.g. Microphone) and the driver source (e.g. the program).

The benefit of this approach is that once the program is set up, there is nothing you need to do for it to work, and it will work on any program that accepts the microphone source.

In my case, my Equaliser APO set up is controlling my Blue Yeti Microphone, and has a Noise Gate, Compression and EQ before going into the recording program (e.g. Screen Recorder / Wondershare).

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