Excire, the company behind Excire Search and Excire Foto – two AI-powered photograph organisation tools have announced the launch of their Search 2022 product.

Excire Foto is a standalone application, whilst Excire Search integrates into Adobe Lightroom Classic as a Plug-in bringing additional organisation tools to Lightroom, the plugin analyses your images and helps you organise them, and brings further sorting and filtering utilities such as people in the photo, rough age bracket as well as a number of other properties.

Excire Search 2022 builds upon the successful Search package, and brings the additional features:

  • All new “Search for duplicates”
  • Adjustable degree of similarity
  • Keywords can be excluded from search
  • Transfer of user-defined keywords is now possible even if no keyword has been assigned by Excire
  • Virtual copies can be initialized directly
  • In “Reinitialize photos” options for updating the transferred keywords have been added
  • The speed of searching in large catalogs has been improved

If you are interested in more information on Excire Search 2022, you can follow the links in this article or get more information by clicking here. Using the coupon code TRAVISHALE may give you a discount on your purchase.

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