PRC (Pattern Recognition Company), the creators of Excire Foto 2024 and Excire Search have announced the release of Excire Search 2024 and to celebrate they are running a sale for a limited time.

Excire search is a Lightroom Classic Addon which elevates Lightroom's Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities. Powered by five state-of-the-art AI models, the plugin allows for:

  • Sophisticated prompt search allowing you to find images through text descriptions.
  • Aesthetic rating of images (through X-tetics AI) that intelligently rates each image based on its aesthetic qualities.
  • Advanced facial-recognition capabilities for people and face based search.
  • Duplicate search to assist with culling and cleanup.
  • X-tags AI for more accurate image keywording.

Most of these features are the same as what I demonstrated in Excire Foto 2024, except it is more integrated into Lightroom and the Catalogue rather than being a stand-alone program. Screenshots are provided below (by PRC).

Searching by text prompt within Excire Search 2024

X-prompt AI is one of the many new features and is one of the most powerful, this allows you to type in a sentance to the search and view the results quickly and simply. The search is capable of understanding complext sentences, context and even some concepts such as happiness and sorrow.

Searching by Aesthethics in Excire Search 2024/

Due to X-tetics AI, images can be assessed and provided with an aesthetics score, with lower scores being less aesthetically pleasing and higher scores being more aesthetically pleasing. Excire Search 2024 then allows you to search your catalogue based on these aesthetics scores which may allow you to cull those poorly rating photos, or identify the better rating photos for entry into competitions or sharing on social media.

Additionally, there have been improvements to the tagging of images, X-tags AI analyses each image in the catalogue and generates relevant keywords to aid in search and categorization. Whilst this feature existed in previous versions of the plugin, the enginer has been revamped with enhanced content detection capabilities.

I have been testing this software for a few weeks and have found it to be an invaluable part of my workflow (disclaimer, I was provided with a copy of the software as an affiliate). Nonetheless, I think the software is a fantastic add-in to my workflow and speeds up the overall process through automatically tagging my images based on X-Tag AI, in addition to providing Aesthethic scores, allowing me to search for duplicates, and find faces in my catalogue.

Excire Search 2024 is available for both Windows and macOS; the program can be downloaded
directly from the Excire website. The software’s MSRP is $189, but a limited-time launch discount reduces the price to $149.
Additionally, existing Excire Search 2022 users can upgrade to Excire Search 2024 for $59, while existing Excire Search 2 users can upgrade to Excire Search 2024 for $99. A 14-day trial version is also available for download.

If you want to find out more, you can click the links in this post or you can click here. The coupon code travishale may give you a discount at checkout (* may not always apply during sales)

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