Film photography is really making a resurgence at the moment, with many people being drawn to it because photographs taken on film have a certain feel which is difficult to replicate using software (although some have tried).

Many people take photos using film photography but they are not fully aware of how the backing to the film is made, nor how the light-sensitive coating itself is actually created and the unique process involved.

Whilst I wouldn't say I like doing posts just about youtube videos that people create, I thought it would be a good idea on this occasion to share some of the fantastic videos that have been made by Destin Sandlin of “Smarter Every Day” which specifically relate to the creation of the film used for film photography. The videos are available on youtube and are linked below (I have chosen deliberately not to embed them):

Main Videos:

Behind the Scenes / Second Channel Videos:

Dustin does some fantastic videos, so if you are interested in learning more I would suggest you consider subscribing to his YouTube channel at

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