I recently attended a night photography workshop run by the clique photography group which is a subset of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. The workshop was held at Docklands in Melbourne and was perfectly timed with a fireworks display which was run by the City of Melbourne.

The workshop was fantastic and provided tips and tutorials on how to shoot at night, which basically included;

  • The Importance of using a Tripod due to long shutter speeds
  • The need to use manual focus, and pre-focus onto the point of interest
  • The need for trial and error, but starting at around f11, and 30 seconds and reducing the speed or increasing the aperture as required

This is of course not a complete tutorial, but the workshop was fantastic and I thought i would share some of the fireworks images captured during the night. It was great to be given tips from some of the experts and I very much enjoyed the night!


Images (Click to enlarge):

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Next Sunset over Pakenham (30-09-2016)

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