Gardens by the Bay – Flower Chamber (Singapore)

Gardens by the bay is an incredible botanical garden located next to the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. The garden(s) include a variety of attractions including the topic of this post; the Flower Chamber.

The flower chamber, is a purpose-built and climate controlled dome which has a variety of flowers from all around the world. In fact I had travelled to Singapore to even find one of my favorite Australian flowers (The Sturt Desert Pea) within the flower chamber. The chamber is well worth a visit as it has a variety of beautiful flowers from around the world, each broken up into different geographical regions (e.g. The Australian Gardens).


Getting There:

Gardens by the bay is located next to the Marina Bay Sands, the easiest way to get there from the CBD is via the metro to the Marina Bay Sands Station. From there the flower Chamber is a short walk across the gardens as per the below:

Google Maps (Gardens By the Bay)


Images (click to enlarge):

As always, images were captured with a Nikon D5300, and processed using Adobe Lightroom CC

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