Up Close: A Focus Stacked Rose


The rose brightens up just about any garden and contains heaps of details. I love trying to capture the detail using a macro lens however because the depth of field is so shallow is sometimes becomes hard to get everything in focus (as much as possible). To fix this issue I use a technique called “Focus Stacking” which basically combines a number of different photos each with their own focus point into one overall image.

Although focus stacking is available in a number of different packages, I found dedicated software tends to do a better job that things like Photoshop or so on. The image below was taken from about

I used a piece of software called Helicon Remote which connects to a Nikon or Canon DSLR, and controls the focus of the lens to be able to move through the various focus points on the image and the individual images are then put into Helicon Focus to stack into one image.



All of my focus stacking work is mainly done using the same equipment, in the case of “Macro” focus stacking I use a dedicated focus stacking software in addition to a DSLR and Macro lens. The exact information is provided below;


A focus stacked rose.
A focus stacked rose.
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