Gardens by the Bay is a nature park in central Singapore which is right beside Marina Bay and the Marina Bay Sands complex. It consists of  around 101 hectares of land which is actually reclaimed. There are three waterfront gardens which include; Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central gardens; with the largest being the Bay South which is around 130 acres.

The Gardens by the Bay complex includes a range of gardens, in addition to two conservatories (the Flower Dome, and Cloud Forest) as well as Supertrees which are tree-like structures. Around the Supertree's @ Supertree Grove is an elevated walkway also known as the Skyway (which is wheelchair accessible).

The Gardens also have some clever sustainability features, with a Cogeneration or Trigeneration system being in place which uses the garden waste as a material to burn, powering a range of the displays throughout the garden. In addition the heat is used to heating and cooling, and finally; the burnt waste is used as a fertilizer.

Gardens by the Bay can be found on Google Maps, and is well worth a visit. A word of advice, check the scheduled maintenance dates for the conservatories as they do close for maintenance, and also try and hang around to see the SuperTree's at night for the night show, known as Garden Rhapsody.



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