I was recently hosted with HostGator, which worked well when the site was small but as the site became more complex (adding features) it began to struggle with the load and the user experience became less than optimal.

I continued with this as long as feasable but I have no doubt it had an impact on users visiting the site so decided it was finally time to move to a different host. This increase in performance is in part due to the way the hosting is configured but is also more expensive than typical hosts as less users are hosted on the dedicated servers.

In the end, the sites I am running were moved over to the A2 Hosting shared plan with Turbo boost. This means that there is a better level of caching, as well as a more powerful server with less users on it (which comes at a greater cost) but is well worth it for the performance gains and hopefully improved user experience.

Hopefully this will lead to better user experiences, let me know in the feedback how you find the new host / site performance and if you have any constructive feedback.

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