Skylum have recently opened pre-order for their AirMagic photo editing software which is specifically designed for drones. I wanted to do a bit of a test of the software but alas I do not have a drone, thankfully @exclosei came to the rescue and provided me with three RAW images from a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced that I could use to test the software.

The software is a very simple bit of software from an interface perspective, you drag the photo into the software, let it work out how to improve the photo and then set the ‘aggressiveness' of the software. That is it, there are no other options (beyond styles) as the software is designed for people who don't want to have to edit their photos and want to spend more time flying.

An example of the edited image is shown, with the top image being the AirMagic edit and the bottom image as the original.

Overall the software does a fairly good job for those that don't want to have to edit their photos and are happy to leave the software to handle those function's itself. Personally I prefer more control over my photos so don't think this is really for me, but can see the value.

If you are interested in pre-ordering the software you can do so by March 21st at the link, note this is an affiliate link so if you do purchase using this link then I do make a small commission, but that does not change the price of the software nor change the way I approach run-through's or reviews. Also, check out my youtube channel as I have just done a video on the software as well.

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