I was walking through the backyard and came across a small jumping spider who was jumping through the fake grass so could not resist taking a photo (or a set of photos) – for reference this was a few mm in size. Jumping spiders belong to the Salticidae family of spiders (Scientific Name: Salticidae, Order: Spider, Class: Arachnida, Kingdom: Animalia) and there are more than 6000 described species (which accounts for 13% of all known species of spiders. Jumping spiders have some of the best vision among arthropods.

This is a stacked image which consists of about 4 separate exposures captured with a Nikon D610 (f/5.0, 1/160s, ISO 1600), Sigma 150mm Macro and the Raynox DCR 250. The four images were stacked in Helicon Focus before being edited in DxO Photo Lab 4 and finished off in Color Efex Pro (Part of the Nik Collection). I used Topaz Denoise AI to remove the noise (as I shot at high ISO because I was handheld) and finished off using JPEG Mini Pro to reduce the exported JPEG filesize.



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