I was around backer 3000 of the Arsenal Kickstarter campaign and very excited to receive the device.

To provide some background the Arsenal trigger is a smart trigger that connects to the USB port of a compatible camera and creates a bridge between that and your smartphone. The trigger is essentially an embedded Linux computer which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize the camera settings to achieve the best image (or image with the closest style to its database).

An example of the above is when you are taking photos of sea and rocks, the trigger may determine the slower shutter speeds are usually preferred and would change the camera settings (and potentially stack images) to achieve longer exposure times.

Whilst the concept is great, sadly my experience with the device has not been fantastic. I am still open and hopefully future updates will allow the device to be used but at the moment i have been unable to use the device and hence conduct a review.

My issues have occured since the receiving the device, upon trying to connect to the device with my Samsung Galaxy S7 (or my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2) I was told to update the firmware. A 500mb firmware was downloaded to the phone, and once it tried to copy to the device it crashed.

Luckily i had an iOS phone, so was able to download the update and apply the firmware. I was good to go (i thought), so planned to head out and try the device at a popular landscape spot. Upon arriving at the spot (with poor reception), the Arsenal App informed me i needed to run another mandatory firmware update. First download failed (due to reception), second download worked but did not transfer properly, and finally the third try worked and i was able to connect to the device (but had to leave).

Sadly, my next try was not much better, although the app connected to the Arsenal device the live view appeared to freeze and i was unable to capture images. The device subsequently disconnected. I tried all of the troubleshooting to no avail.

Sadly my case does not appear to be isolated. The concept of the device seems great but in reality it does not seem very polished and still fairly buggy since it is in its infancy. I do hope this improves and once i am able to get the device working i will put up another review.

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