I am passionate about Astrophotography and the Aurora is one of the most incredible things you can often see. The Sun runs on around 11 year cycles and we are starting to come out of a quiet period where we start to see more Coronal Mass Ejections (CME's) which, given appropriate conditions, sun/earth orientation, and timings can lead to some incredible Aurora. I missed out on the ‘big' aurora on the morning of the 24th April 2023 (which was a bummer) but captured more of it on the night of the 24th April 2023.

This image is of the Aurora Australis which was visible over Eagles Nest Lookout in Inverloch, Victoria, Australia. It was photographed on 24/4/2023 9:51:32 pm with a Sony ILCE-7RM4 (A7R 4) and Tamron 15-30mm F2.8-2.8 G @ 16 mm (with a Nikon to Sony Adapter), 30.0 sec at ƒ / 2.8, ISO 6400. I edited this image in Lightroom, and then in Topaz Photo AI (for DeNoise and Sharpening).

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