I have struggled to find the motivation to get out and take photos in the Current Victorian Lockdown 6.0, part of that is because clearly, we can't go to many places (due to the 5km limit, and nighttime curfew) so I have slowed down taking photos. That said I decided when going for a walk for exercise to take my camera and capture some photos just around my neighborhood. The image below is of an Australasian Swamphen which is a subspecies of the Purple Swamphen which was hanging around a lake just around the corner from my house. The image was captured in late August 2021 and was captured with a Sony A7R IV and a Tamron E 70-30mm (@300mm). Camera settings were 1/800 sec, f/6.3, ISO 1600. The image was edited in Lightroom, Aurora HDR, Topaz Denoise AI, and Topaz Sharpen AI.


An Australasian swamphen (Porphyrio melanotus) which is a subspecies of the swamphen (Porphyrio)
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