Composite/Blended Lion

Composite/Blended Lion
16 February 2020
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I am fascinated with composite / blended images however, I have not really done much in this space at all (and by much, I mean anything). I am fine taking photos of things but once it comes to manipulation my knowledge is lacking. Nonetheless, I wanted to have a go at trying to create a blended image using ON1 Photo Raw 2020.

I used two different Pixabay images for this composite, the first was of a road through a forest ( whilst the second was an incredible portrait of the Lion and his Mane ( .

Creating the composite / blended image was fairly easy, I first started off opening the Forest as the base image, and then added a Layer for the Lion image. I made some adjustments to each layer before making the lion layer (the top layer) around 88% opacity with a blend mode of “Normal”, the blend was applied to “Flesh Colors” with a range of 35.

Whilst it is certainly not a good artistic composite, it is a starting point and I hope to create many more to come which hopefully get better. :).