I recently was lucky enough to have brought my camera when one of my family members noticed a Praying Mantis (I think it might have been a Garden Mantid, Orthodera ministralis but not sure.) crawling up a chair outside. I must admit I have not commonly seen these so could not help but get the camera out to capture some images.

I took a range of photos on the chair, before letting the Mantid climb onto a stick to take a few more photos and then finally putting it back in the garden :). Images were captured with a Nikon D6120 and Sigma 150mm macro, at 1/100 Seconds, f/16, ISO 1250. Image was edited in Lightroom, Luminar (AI Enhance & AI Structure) and finally Topaz Sharpen & Denoise.

Will hopefully have more photos in the coming weeks from the capture as I go through and edit some of the other photos. Not a perfect photo because of the highlights et al but was fairly happy with the experience.

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