As i walked into my front door I noticed movement on the face of the door, it was only the smallest of moves and barely noticeable however, due to my eyes being in just the right place I caught a glimpse of this well Camouflaged Jumping Spider. I carefully took the spider out the back onto a table (which still had some tanbark on it) and started capturing photos of the jumping spider before I let it run away.

The image was captured with a Nikon D610 and a Sigma 150mm macro, the image was shot at 1/80 sec with image stabilization, f/5.0, ISO 1600. It was edited through a number of different tools which included Topaz Denoise AI to remove noise, Topaz AI Sharpen to improve the sharpness slightly before being finished off in the BETA version of Luminar 4 (Using Accent AI, Structure AI, Details and a few other tweaks)

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