I love jumping spiders, and most commonly capture images of them using my Nikon D610 & Sigma 150mm macro however, lately i have wanted to get images with the spiders a little bit closer but had reached the limits of my macro lens (approx 1:1 magnification). As a result I decided to try the Raynox DCR250 super macro conversion lens which acts as a magnifier for your camera lens. This was my first attempt at capturing an image of a VERY hyperactive jumping spider. The spider was not harmed in the taking of the photo, and I managed to capture about 4 – 5 shots which was focus stacked using Helicon Focus before being processed with Topaz Sharpen, and being more comprehensively edited in Luminar 4 (using AI Structure, and AI Enhance).

There are a few issues with the photo, mainly relating to; 1. How quickly the spider was moving, 2. Depth of field, and 3. Reflections from the lens. The EXIF / shot data was 1/800 sec, f/5.6, ISO 640. LOTS more practice is needed to get used to the tiny depth of field and moving animals (I do microscopy so depth of field is not a major issue, just the movement of the spider creates additional challenges).

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