a bridge over a body of water with a city in the background

They say the best camera you have is the one on you, and during a site visit to Melbourne today I thought I would capture this stunning view using my Samsung Galaxy S7 (pano mode). It also gave me a great chance to put the JPEG image through the new Aurora HDR 2019 software (which I am going to do some tutorials on, but incorporates AI and nifty technologies). This image was a bit blown out in the highlights but can't complain from a JPEG and phone. It was put through the Cityscape preset in Aurora HDR 2019. If you are interested in pre-ordering or checking the software out, an affiliate link is provided; https://trav.to/aurorahdr2019

Captured with a samsung SM-G930F, 4.2 mm, f/1.7

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several tall buildings in a city

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