I captured a number of images of a resident Echidna at my parents place, this is the last of the images I captured of my spiky little friend. As with the other photos, this was captured with a Nikon D610 and the Tamron 150-600mm lens. I did a bit of editing on this image to try and bring out the best, in reality I could have edited it much less but I thought it was worth using these tools for a range of different reasons.

  1. Aurora HDR (https://trav.to/aurora-hdr) to exposure blend two different images (-3 & 0 exposure), this tool was used to bring it details in the highlights and shadows.
  2. Luminar AI (https://trav.to/0clb0) to improve the overall image using Accent AI (masked to just the Echidna) as well as a few other minor edits.
  3. Silver Efex Pro 2 (https://trav.to/uurf9) which is part of the Nik Collection to Convert the Image to a Black and White picture.


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