I was lucky enough to come across a praying mantis (I think this was a Garden Mantid) possibly Orthodera ministralis) recently. I could not help but get out the macro gear to get some shots before carefully placing the insect into the garden safely.

The image was captured with a Nikon D610 & Sigma 150mm Macro. Specific settings were ISO 1250, f/16 & 1/800 seconds. Shot was Handheld.

In editing, I used Lightroom for some preliminary edits before applying Sharpening with Topaz Sharpen AI, Denoise with Topaz Denoise AI and general Edits using Luminar 4 (Light, AI Enhance, AI Sky Enhance, AI Structure). I cleaned up the photo using Affinity Photo (to remove the countless smudges, crop and make some selective edits).

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