I was lucky enough to come across a praying mantis (I think this was a Garden Mantid) possibly Orthodera ministralis) recently. I could not help but get out the camera and capture some photos whilst it was crawling on the chair it had climbed up, the incredible creature was placed into the garden after I captured a few quick shots.

The image was captured with a Nikon D610 & Sigma 150mm Macro. Specific settings were ISO 1250, f/16 & 1/160 seconds.

There were a few edits, I used Lightroom for some preliminary edits before applying Sharpening using Topaz Sharpen AI, Denoise using Topaz Denoise AI, General Edits using Luminar 4 (Light, AI Enhance, AI Sky Enhance, AI Structure), and cleaned up the photo using Affinity Photo (to remove the countless smudges, crop and make some selective edits).

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