Resorcinol by Polarized Light Microscopy


Resorcinol is a benzenediol with the chemical formula C6H6O2. It has medical applications used externally as an antiseptic and disinfectant but can also be used to ease the itching for some eczema suffers. Within the chemical field is often used as a chemical intermediate for the synthesis of some organic compounds, some pharmaceuticals and even in the production of diazo-dyes and plasticisers.


How it was done:

The melting point of Resorcinol is fairly low, at 110 Degrees C and as such it suits the melt method fairly well. To prepare the slide a small amount of Resorcinol was placed on a concave slide and moved through a Bunsen burner flame until it had melted, once in liquid form the slide was moved out of the flame and left to solidify before it was imaged.

The image was then captured using my normal polarized microscopy setup, which included;

Because the depth of field is relatively small, some images did require focus stacking which is where Helicon Remote & Focus came into the picture (pardon the pun).


Images: (Click to enlarge)

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