Many of you would have likely seen my Kingfisher photo from the Moonlight Sanctuary in Pearcedale, Victoria. I thought it would be a great photo to have another test of Topaz Studio 2 on, since the photo has a fairly dark background and the focal element is just the bird (and the branch) so put it through the software. The software has a feature called AI Remix which is designed to use AI to convert your photo into the style of a painting (often of a famous painter), see if you can guess which painting this is supposed to emulate (hint in the name). The photo was edited in Topaz Studio 2 and i used the AI Remix, Abstraction and Glow filters before some final touching up in affinity photo (just to remove some yellow paint strokes I found fairly distracting).  The Base image was taken with a Nikon D610 and Tamron 150-600mm (@600mm), f/11, 1/500 seconds & ISO 2500.

For those that are interested in the Topaz Labs range, they are having a holiday sale with 25% off individual products as well as bundles from December 12th through to December 27th. If you use the affiliate link ( and the code TravisHale at checkout you can get an additional discount beyond the 25%.

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