I am based in the southern hemisphere, and people don’t often realise we can get Aurora in some cases when the stars align and you don’t need to head to the northern hemisphere to see them. In our case in the Southern hemisphere you need to be as close to the South Pole as possible (I am in Victoria, and the closer you get to the pole the better), you need to be facing south, and in an area with little light pollution, then you just need a good geomagnetic storm and the right magnetic conditions. This image is of the  Southern Lights (Aurora Australis) photographed at Kilcunda, Victoria, Australia. Image was edited with Lightroom CC and Topaz Photo AI. – Photographed on 21/2/2023 11:20:58 pm with a Sony ILCE-7RM4 and E 28-75mm F2.8-2.8 @ 29 mm, 15.0 sec at ƒ / 2.8, ISO 1600

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