One of my wishes would be to be able to competently draw, at this stage I can barely manage a stick figure (which looks like a stick figure). Nonetheless I can always dream and to do that I tend to use the AI ReMix filter within Topaz Studio 2. This allows for an image to be turned into a painting through the magic of AI. In this case I took a fairly average photo of a Cockatoo and wanted to see how it would come out with minimal edits.

The actual image specs are sort of irrelevant, in terms of the process however, I edited a copy via Lightroom in Topaz Studio 2, and added some minor sharpening using the Sharpening filter. Following that I added AI ReMix using the “Ashen Waves” preset. Because there was not a lot of contrast between the Bird and the leaves in the background, I added a radial filter within Lightroom and also did some minor Cropping.

For those that are interested; Nikon D610, Nikkor 28 – 300mm @ 300mm, f/5.6, 1/1250, ISO 800

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