Iris AI examples within Luminar AI

Iris AI examples within Luminar AI

Skylum has recently announced their upcoming LuminarAI package which has a range of exciting AI based features. One of the more interesting features is the Iris AI incorporation which allows you to improve, and even make changes to the Eye & Iris with masking being handled by AI. Whilst the software is not yet available (it is expected to be released during the holiday season 2020), Skylum have provided some example images to show the impact through before and after pictures. LuminarAI presents a whole new direction for the Luminar package, one which is focused on using AI to help photographers get the results they are after without having to worry about complex tasks, masks and the in-between steps. It should be noted that AI is not designed to replace the photographer or editor, rather to make life easier by simplifying the complex and/or repetitive tasks.

In this example I am specifically looking at the difference between the eyes, when you look at the images below you can see there has been a significant change to the eyes and potentially the Iris. As you can see Figures 1 & 2 show the fairly significant difference between the eyes which have been made significantly more prominent.   Figures 3 & 4 are additional examples to again show the difference.

Figure 1 (left) & 2 (right); before and after images primarily showing the enhancements that can be made to the Eyes using Iris AI. Images were captured by Ksusha Kazak.

Figure 3 (left) & 4 (right); before and after images primarily showing the enhancements that can be made to the Eyes using Iris AI. Images were captured by Akiomi Kuroda.


These examples show the significant impact that AI can have on improving the Eyes including potentially chancing the color, but also making a range of improvements to improve the pop for portrait photos and make the eyes more prominent. At the moment as I don't have access to the software, I am only able to share examples provided by Skylum, but stay posted to the website (and subscribe to the newsletter) and I will post run-through when the software becomes available.

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