Skylum has released an update to the Luminar photo editing package, this latest Luminar 4.3 update brings a new range of features including;

  • Performance improvements.
  • New Photo Search Feature.
  • 500px Integration.
  • Workflow Improvements.

I am hoping to do a few videos on some of these features, so stay tuned and I will post them up on the YouTube Channel and link them into here.

The update is free for existing users, if you want to purchase the software you can use the coupon TRAVISHALE to potentially get a discount on your purchase. You can also download a trial here.

Skylum Website:
Luminar 4 Link:
Luminar 4 Trial Download:
Luminar 4 Store:

If you use the discount/coupon code TRAVISHALE at checkout you may obtain a discount on some purchase (may not apply to all orders, pre-orders and/or sales).

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