I have been testing out (aff link: Luminar) for a short while now on PC. Whilst the software has existed on mac for some time it is exciting the same or similar features have finally come to the PC. One feature I have been fairly excited about is an AI system which analyses images and based on a range of criteria tries to fix them. To show the differences I borrowed my wife's Mac (since the Mac version of Luminar has batch processing) and fed all of my initial images through that software.


To follow a somewhat consistent approach, I took a number of photos from Lightroom with minimal editing and exported them as TIFF's resized to about 4000px long end. I then put them through Luminar batch editor with no preset or editing to be exported as JPEGs, these were the ‘unedited' versions. I then took the same TIFF images and put them through Luminar with a preset I had created earlier which includes the AI filter at 100%.


Both images are shown in the twenty 20 sliders. No real edits have been made (e.g. levelling the images) as I wanted to show before and after.



[twenty20 img1=”7126″ img2=”7128″ offset=”0.5″]


Milford Sound;

[twenty20 img1=”7142″ img2=”7144″ offset=”0.5″]


Franz Josef;

[twenty20 img1=”7154″ img2=”7156″ offset=”0.5″]

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