Skylum have been working on their latest release which is the LuminarAI program. In discussions with the Skylum team the whole principle behind the direction of this software is to help people be able to easily and quickly edit their photos. Whilst the software is designed to offer a lot of power and flexibility, it is really at its heart designed to help people who want to get good results, and not spend a significant amount of time manually adjusting every aspect of the photo.


Skylum mention on their website;

One of the most common misconceptions about AI is that it replaces people. I suppose, from a purely technical perspective, I can see how one might think that true.

But that is not how Skylum sees AI. Rather, we see AI as a tool that replaces drudgery and, in doing so, frees creators to focus entirely on their vision and speed the time from concept to final, stunning results.


Of the significant number of additions to LuminarAI, the ones I am most personally excited about are the landscape tools.  One of these new tools is Atmosphere AI which is designed to allow people to add realistic atmospheric effects with 3D depth (e.g. fog, mist, haze, steam and drizzle). This can be coupled with Sky Enhancer, or Sky AI to create a series of new artistic images.

The image below gives an idea of how some of these edits can potentially improve an image, or create a new artistic vision.

Skylum's Luminar AI is currently open for pre-orders, whilst the layout and design has not been fully finalized it is reported to be slated for release over the holiday season.


For those that are interested in pre-ordering LuminarAI;

LuminarAI is starting from just US$59 with the loyalty discount (for those who have purchased any previous version of Luminar or Aurora HDR) and includes access to the LuminarAI Insiders community.

LuminarAI is starting from just US$69 for new customers and includes access to the LuminarAI Insiders community.

• Once 30,000 copies have been sold, LuminarAI will start from US$74 for new customers. A US$10 loyalty discount will continue to be offered.

You can pre-order using the link here.

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