Skylum have been busy working on their latest release, Luminar AI. This is a new addition to the series of tools and is a significant improvement from the earlier series of Luminar Products. It includes an all new engine, and a whole range of new tools which are at heart designed to help users get the best out of their photos without worrying about the repetitive and complex tasks by utilizing AI based tools.

One of the new additions is a series of portrait based AI tools. This includes BodyAI and FaceAI which are designed to gently sculpt and refine a portrait. There is also IrisAI which allows the eyes to be improved and even eye colours to be changed, and SkinAI which allows users to remove blemishes and imperfections in skin easily and naturally.

An example of some of the changes that can be made are shown in the image below.

Skylum's Luminar AI is currently open for pre-orders, whilst the layout and design has not been fully finalized it is reported to be slated for release over the holiday season.

For those that are interested in pre-ordering LuminarAI;

LuminarAI is starting from just US$59 with the loyalty discount (for those who have purchased any previous version of Luminar or Aurora HDR) and includes access to the LuminarAI Insiders community.

LuminarAI is starting from just US$69 for new customers and includes access to the LuminarAI Insiders community.

• Once 30,000 copies have been sold, LuminarAI will start from US$74 for new customers. A US$10 loyalty discount will continue to be offered.

You can pre-order using the link here.

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