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Luminar AI – Templates

Skylum are continuing to release more information about their latest AI powered Photo Editor (LuminarAI) which is due to be released sometime this holiday season (and is currently available for pre-order). This photo editor at its heart is designed for visual communicators who want to focus on taking the photo, and communicating without having to worry about complex editing.

In a recent press release, when highlighting the benefit of AI, Alex Tsepko of Skylum commented;

With LuminarAI, Artificial Intelligence is woven throughout the entire editing process. The AI has been trained with expert input from artists, photographers, colorists and scientists. LuminarAI offers creatives the ability to save time and obtain consistent quality throughout their images. LuminarAI brings the perfect balance of technology and human innovation.  

 “With LuminarAI, we wanted to ensure that AI not only was easy to use, but that it also provided creatives a way to express themselves. Through our unique 3D depth-mapping and segmentation technologies, we’re able to recognize the contents of a photo, recommend edits and then allow creatives to refine every aspect of that recommendation,” said Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum. “Doing this lets creatives retain their unique style in their edits without tedious, manual work. Professional results, but in a fraction of the time.” 

I think that the quote above highlights one of the concerns that people have raised about AI; that it has the ability to replace the photographer, or to make all images look similar. That is not the reported Aim of LuminarAI, which is more about helping visual communicators save time and create professional results in a short period of time. In essence it allows photographers and creatives to focus on their vision, and the communication without having to get caught up in tedious editing.

What is most exciting to me though is the addition of “Templates” which are packaged workflows that use Skylum's AI tools to identify issues that might exist in a photo, and apply a group of enhancements designed to resolve those issues, and lead to an improved output. Whilst LuminarAI will suggest templates to you, it does not create these templates, these have been created by some of the best photographers and photo retouchers.

The template workflow is outlined below;

  • Open a photo, LuminarAI can then analyze the content and identify problems in the image
  • LuminarAI will recommend several templates that you might choose to apply to the image
  • Select the template you like, and adjust the strength of this as/if required
  • If you need more fine control, you can see every action that the template undertook, and make tweaks to these individual actions
  • Make the changes that meet your vision and click Save. You can also choose Sync Adjustments to apply this look across multiple images.

Whilst the software is not yet available, Skylum have provided a few example images (below) on some of the before and after images which have been derived using Templates.

Image Set 1: Before (Left) and After (Right) portrait image provided by Javier Pardina


Image Set 2: Before (Left) and After (Right) image of a train station from Ev Tchebotarev


I hope you are as excited as I am for the release of LuminarAI, if you are interested in pre-ordering the software you can do so using the links below;

LuminarAI is starting from just US$59 with the loyalty discount (for those who have purchased any previous version of Luminar or Aurora HDR) and includes access to the LuminarAI Insiders community.

LuminarAI is starting from just US$69 for new customers and includes access to the LuminarAI Insiders community.

• Once 30,000 copies have been sold, LuminarAI will start from US$74 for new customers. A US$10 loyalty discount will continue to be offered.

You can pre-order using the link here.

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