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Luminar AI Update 2

Skylum; the Creators of Luminar AI have announced their much awaited Luminar AI Update 2. This update has been speculated about since shortly after the launch of Luminar AI and is really existing (in my opinion) for a number of different reasons.

Whilst the update brings standard things like Improved Camera Support (Including but not limited to Canon EOS R5, Nikon Z5 / 6 II and Z7 II) and new File Formats (Lossy compressed CR3 and RAF files), one of the most exciting things in my eyes is the changes to Sky AI. The major change to Sky AI is that Sky Replacements made by Sky AI can automatically be reflected in bodies of water in the image. The sky automatically confirms to the angle and depth of the scene to produce great results.

There are a number of other changes to the package which include:

  • Improved scene relighting in Sky AI by removing strong color casts from the sky on foreground objects
  • Relight Human control allows you to improve environmental portraits by matching people to the new sky for a more realistic effect
  • There are new controls for Rotation and Horizontal offset in Sky AI to allow you to better align a new sky to the original horizon
  • Six (6) new spies have been added to the release and it has been made easier to add your own skies or sky packs.
  • Transformable texture overlay changes have been made which allow you to
    • use PNG overlays with transparency as textures (e.g. for watermarks, text or other decorative elements)
    • Easily move, flip, rotate, resize and place the textures or overlays anywhere you want
    • Once applied, the overlay can be synced across multiple images (e.g. like a watermark).
  • The Templates experience has been improved, making it easier to find the perfect template for your photo.
    • For ease of access all templates are available in the main templates tab below For This Photo (including Favorites, purchased and Legacy)
    • The Template Group Previews are uniform in size to make them easier to work with
    • Templates purchased in the Luminar Marketplace are automatically added to For This Photo and may be presented by Luminar AI when suggesting enhancements for your photos.


To celebrate the release, from 6:00 am EST March 16 to 4:00 am EST March 24 users can get 40% off on these special add-ons:

Luminar X Membership – $59/year instead of $99/year;

➤ USA National Parks Skies – $17 instead of $29;

➤ Tropical Skies – $23 instead of $39;

➤ Northern European Skies – $23 instead of $39;

➤ Landscapes Template Pack by Skylum Team – $11 instead of $19;

➤ Earth from Above by Armand Sarlangue – $11 instead of $19 (February 23-24 only).


If you want to take advantage of this offer, you can follow any of the links in this post or click here. I have also put a video up on youtube running through this which you can see here https://youtu.be/lGy8YZQi3Cw

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