Skylum: the creators of Aurora HDR and Luminar AI have announced the latest update to the Luminar AI package which is coming soon! – This update known as Update 4 brings a number of changes to the Luminar AI tool.

One of the most significant updates is the long-anticipated Portrait Bokeh AI for portraits. This uses machine learning and AI to give you the ability to create a simulated Bokeh effect in your portrait images which in my opinion is very exciting.

In addition to the Portrait Bokeh AI, the Update 4 lets you have a visual preview of textures and controls for more accurate sky positioning, and it also brings a better user experience and greater speed through more than 50 bug fixes.

Whilst I have not fully tried the software, I did a quick and dirty edit of a photo of my son coming down a slide, Portrait Bokeh AI detected him fairly easily with minimal re-masking required and overall did I think a fairly good job of simulating the Bokeh. Its not perfect but I also really didn't spend any time tweaking any of the settings. Left is without the effect and right is with the effect.


To celebrate this release / update, Skylum have announced the below offer:

  • Luminar AI (1 seat license) = $47 USD / 2 seat = $59 USD (40% off)
  • Aurora HDR is available as an addon for $59 USD
  • Luminar X membership is available for $59 USD
  • There are also savings on a number of packs (e.g. Elements of Light, Perfect Portrait, Amazing Animals and Great American Landscapes)
  • In addition every order has the following free bonus packs:
    • Love Celebration
    • Summertime

The above sale is available for current users of Luminar and Aurora only and runs from the 20th July 2021 (11am EDT) through to the 4th of August 2021 (11am EDT).

If you are interested you can find out more through the links in this page, or by clicking here.

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