Earlier in the year, Skylum announced their Luminar AI software package. This is an evolution (rather than an upgrade) to the Luminar 4 series which rebuilds the engine from the ground up to improve performance and take advantage of the many new AI powered features. Since that time Luminar AI has been open for Pre-Orders with the price set to increase for new orders once it goes live.

Whilst previously Skylum had reported that the software was going to be released in the holiday Season, the date has now been announced that Luminar AI will be shipping on December 15th, 2020. If you are interested in using AI powered tools to improve your photography, simplify your edits and make life easier it may be worth putting in a pre-order if you have not already.

For those who have not heard of this software until now, Luminar AI is a photo editing tool / software which is built upon artificial intelligence (AI). Its objective is to provide existing and new tools that use AI to help you quickly edit and style your photos so that you can focus on the results rather than the time consuming and complicated process of masking and making lots of different selective edits. Whilst this is AI powered, it does not mean that you need to give up creative control, you can let Luminar templates recommend changes for you and use those, take those recommended changes and use them for inspiration and make your own changes, or finally just not use the template recommendations and go right to the edits section to make your own edits.

Whilst a full outline of the software is outside of the scope of this post, some of the AI tools within Luminar AI include;

  • Luminar AI Assistance / Templates; Includes a For This Photo recommendation of a set of edits to improve the image based on what it understands of the image.
  • Composition AI; Provides AI powered composition improvement tools from cropping to perspective correction.
  • Atmosphere AI; Uses AI to depth map your image and overlay fog/mist to add depth to the photograph.
  • Sky Enhancer AI; Automatically mask and enhance just the sky in your image.
  • Sky AI; Automatically mask your sky and replace this with included skies or your own.
  • Body & Face AI; Automatically mask the body and face and sculpt and refine these using simple sliders.
  • Iris AI; Automatically mask the Eyes & Iris and enhance or even change the eye colors with a few clicks.
  • Skin AI; Automatically mask and remove blemishes on the skin.
  • Structure AI; Automatically identify the areas of the image that could benefit from increased (or decreased) localised sharpness and adjust the amount with a slider
  • Accent AI; Automatically adjust and improve the exposure and color within your images

There are also a range of different masking tools and the likes. For those who have used Luminar 4 these masking tools have changed a bit in how they work but for most people they should work fairly well.

If you are interested in pre-ordering or purchasing Luminar AI, you can do so through the link below or anywhere in this article;


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