I am a little late to the party but wanted to let people know that Skylum released a few updates to the Luminar Neo package which greatly improve its usability. There are multiple updates, so I have put the version it came out in (i.e., V1.7.0 means this change occurred in Luminar Neo 1.7.0, whilst V1.7.1 refers to version 1.7.1).

The changes are per the below:

  • View the impact of a preset by hovering over it to see the change (i.e., no longer need to click and apply). (V1.7.0)
  • Use the HDR Merge, Focus Stacking and Upscale AI Extensions not just in Luminar Neo, but also from Lightroom. (V1.7.0)
  • Better Rendering of Images in Apple ProRAW Format (V1.7.1)
  • Faster Export Speeds (V1.7.1)
  • More convenient interface design for extensions in the Lightroom panel (V1.7.1)

Whilst I love seeing changes, for me the most important are allowing the use of the extensions (HDR Merge, Focus Stacking and Upscale AI) from the Lightroom Plugin, that was one of my major gripes given Aurora HDR was no longer being supported, it meant that there was no way to do HDR from Lightroom directly using Luminar Neo (until now).

If you are interested in finding out more, you can click on any of the links in this email, or find out more by clicking here. If you already own Skylum products, make sure you are logged in as you may sometimes get a special price (depending on sales et al).

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