Skylum, the creators of Luminar AI and Luminar Neo have announced the upcoming fall update of their Luminar Neo advanced photo editing software.

This update is large one, with many new features being introduced as outlined below.

Luminar Neo new features available this fall:

Studio Light: Replicate studio lightning effects for portraits, revitalizing older photos and adding a new dimension. Studio Light will be the first tool delivered to customers on the 31st of August. Please find the beta for Studio Light below. 

GenErase: An advanced Erase tool that removes distractions and replaces them using content-aware technology, maintaining composition integrity.

SceneExpand: Extend photo boundaries for panoramic landscapes or creative compositions.

SceneSwap: Replace elements like sky or foreground with AI-generated visuals. Transform dull skies into stunning sunsets or swap murky waters for crystal-clear azure.

Water Enhancer: Amplify water features in landscapes for greater visual impact in aquatic scenes.

Neon & Glow: Enhance images with captivating lighting effects. Seamlessly integrate striking neon elements to overcome lighting challenges and add intrigue.

With this update, Skylum's bringing next-generation AI-powered photo editing technologies, new post-processing tools, and UI/UX improvements to the platform, making Luminar Neo better than it has ever been.

Source: Skylum

Whilst a full timetable has not been provided, Skylum have noted that platform upgrades and generative technologies will be available to monthly and annual Pro, Explore and ultimate plan subscribers.

Studio Light is expected to be added first in the next release within a month and the rest will be gradually incorporated over the following months this fall.

These technologies somewhat change how Luminar Neo operates, and moves it towards a subscription model.

To celebrate these new technologies and the fall update, Skylum are having an early bird offer, with the below prices applying from the 16-27th of August 2023.

Existing Luminar Neo lifetime users will need to opt to switch to the pro subscription at an early bird rate (of $49 USD for the first year) or they can make a one time purchase of the 2023/2024 Creative Journey Pass for $39 USD which grants access to generative technologies announced until August 16th 2024 as well as all new features announced and released before that date, except extensions.

New users can sign up for the Pro subscription (monthly) for $14.95 USD, for 12 months at $99 USD instead of $119, and for 24 months at $139 USD instead of $179 USD.

Lifetime access to Luminar Neo (excluding generative technologies) is available for $249 USD instead of $299.

If you want to find out more information about these technologies, check out the pricing or take advantage of any of the offers you can do so by clicking here. If you use the promotional code TravisHale you may get a small discount on your order (note code may not function after the sale). Remember this offer lasts until the 27th August 2023.

Screenshots of some of the technologies presented below:

GenErase Tool Example.
SceneExpand Tool Example.
Neon & Glow Tool Example.
Water Enhancer Tool Example
Studio Light Tool Example
Scene Swap Tool Example
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