My daughter is at the great age where everything is a game, and it is lots of fun. Recently she discovered the joy of superhero capes and of course, I thought it would be a great opportunity to get a photo of her running around in her cape. There are however two rules in photography, which are;

  1. Never work with animals, and;
  2. Never work with children.

Nonetheless, she was fairly good, letting me take photos as she ran towards me. The biggest issue I had at the time was that; the background (the kitchen) is too distracting, so I thought I would have a (try) with photoshop and see if I could remove the background. I was partially successful in that I was able to remove some of the background, however, where her hair was (which was messy) became difficult to remove.

I will include both pictures below, but I am keen to know if you have any tips for removing the background when ‘big' / ‘messy' hair is involved. If so feel free to comment below as all input is always appreciated.

In terms of the photo, I went with a higher ISO so that I could increase the shutter speed, and a low aperture both so that I could increase the shutter speed, but also so the background was less sharp, and less in focus.


Image 1: Mackenzie the Supergirl (with me trying to edit out the background)


Image 2: Mackenzie the Supergirl (Before Editing)

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