I needed to visit Singapore, for bits and pieces for a week, between the 39th of Jan and the 6th of Feb 2016 and thought I would do some touristy things whilst I was here. After recommendations from a number of people I thought it would be worth visiting the Marina Bay Sands, which is an incredible hotel which contains a ship on top of it and is renowned for its stunning views across Singapore. We first visited the bar which is at the opposite end of the observation tower, which you can get to from Tower one on the 57th floor. Admission is free but drinks are expensive, still the view is worth it (I think).

Next I went down to the Skypark which you get to from outside Tower three, again the views were stunning with great views of the Gardens by the Bay (Second Image), and Marina Bay harbour as well (first image). Admission is expensive (relative) at around $23 SGD but still worth it for the views, especially around sunset / twilight as you can see below.

I am visiting Gardens by the Bay in the next few days so will hopefully post some more images of the Gardens by the Bay which lights up at night and looks fantastic. If you are this way I would recommend a visit to the Marina Bay Sands tower(s) to soak in the stunning views.








Getting there is fairly simple, depending on where you are. A taxi will get you to the Marina Bay Sands fairly easy although if you are in the CBD you will likely be able to walk there fairly easily. The Downtown MRT line stops practically at the Marina Bay Sands if you stop at the Bayside station, otherwise, a map is included below:



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