The Meerkats are a favourite at the Werribee Zoo, situated next to the Cafe (aptly called Meerkat Cafe) they provide endless entertainment for children and adults alike. During a trip to the Zoo, I brought along my trusty Tamron 150-600mm lens, which gave me a great ability to get ‘up close' with these cheeky animals, whilst maintaining a good distance. I would thoroughly recommend visiting the Werribee Zoo, and maybe even consider purchasing a Zoo membership which allows for unlimited entry into the three Zoo's for a 1 year period.

These images were captured (from memory) at between 150 – 300mm focal lengths. On a full frame camera (like a Nikon D610) this means that if you are planning to shoot hand-held, you need the shutter speed to be no slower than 1/focal length,  so if I am shooting at 300mm my shutter speed must be faster than 1/300 to prevent motion blur (as a result of holding the camera).



These images were taken with the following equipment and software;


Images (Click to enlarge):

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