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This was my first go at trying a time-lapse and to be honest it is a terrible attempt but a learning experience nonetheless.

I made a few mistakes with this one, the first is that I didn't really use a good timelapse software (e.g. LR-Timelapse) so there are large variations in the exposure (e.g. Flicker) which detract from the time-lapse.

The second, and the most significant mistake I made is that I kept the interval too far apart, so I captured very few images which meant that the time-lapse is far too short.

I will try again, and in the next version I will make the following changes;
1. Capture more images at a closer interval.
2. Use a dedicated time lapse software to better adapt the exposures of each image to reduce flicker and lead to better ramping.

The video can also be viewed at:

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