This episode of Under the microscope focusses on “Lichen“, a composite organism that forms from algae and/or cyanobacteria living amongst filaments of fungi in a symbiotic relationship (where all organisms are benefited). There are many types of Lichen which range in size, colour and form. Typically lichens appear plant-like however Lichens themselves are not plants. Lichens have a range of different names, including moss however they are not related to mosses or any plant.

Lichens themselves don't have roots to absorb water and nutrients, but they produce their own energy using photosynthesis.


How it was taken:

All of my “under the microscope” images are taken in a similar manner, and using the below equipment. In this case, focus stacking was conducted by capturing a video of the subject as I move through the planes of focus, and then software pulled the images out of that video and focus stacked them into the images below;


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