Nerve Trunk

Nerves are vital within the body, and are responsible for the control of muscles and bodily functions through to the receiving of sensory information back to the brain or other control systems. Whilst a full description of Nerves is outside of the scope of this article, there are essentially two systems which can be broken down into the peripheral nervous system or the central nervous system.

A nerve trunk is basically a number of nerves which are bundled and held together by connective tissue that acts as a sheath making up the main stem of a nerve.


How it was taken:


All of my “under the microscope” images are taken in a similar manner, and using the below equipment. In this case, focus stacking was conducted by capturing a number of images using my Nikon D5300 and the Focus Stacking rig, before stacking all of the images into those below;

In the case of these samples, they were from a prepared university microscope slide collection and were from a rat I believe.


Images (Click to enlarge):

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