MIOPS provided me with the MIOPS Mobile Remote Bluetooth smart camera trigger to conduct a number of reviews on. The device was provided to me at no cost however, this does not impact my opinion of the device nor the outcome of the review. Nonetheless, I have published a number of broad reviews on the device and now wanted to focus on some of the more advanced features of the device, specifically the motion trigger mode.

I had tried a view of this setup, but sadly the video was hopeless so I do intend to do another one in the future.

The motion trigger mode of the device uses the camera in your compatible Android or iOS device to monitor the scene and when the device detects movement in the image it fires your DSLR shutter accordingly.

I tested the motion device in two separate scenarios;

  1. With the camera beside a bird feeder so that I could capture the cockatoo's landing near the bird feeder.
  2. With my DSLR set up near the slide beside my local park, and my smartphone camera set on the slide itself so that as the kids went down the slide, the camera would be triggered around 5 times, and I could edit the photos accordingly.

In the first scenario, because the sky was overcast and the birds were white there was not enough contrast between the background and the bird and the camera did not trigger. This is to be expected as the motion trigger is not using IR, but rather image processing from your smart device camera and as such it relies on contrast to function.

The images from the second scenario are provided below. When my kids came down the slide the smartphone triggered the MIOPS Mobile remote device to capture images through the DSLR. As you can see these did appear to work fairly well since I had the camera on manual focus I may be slightly off focus, but I found the motion mode to work fairly well when there is enough contrast to allow for the smartphone camera to differentiate the subject from the background.

Overall I found the mode to be quite useful, understanding the limitations is fairly important as the device is not a full IR motion sensor, so as such it may have some conditions where it does not work ideally (e.g. low contrast) but for the most part where contrast is good the device performed well.


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